A little something extra

Hello fellow peers,


As you know I’ve been searching the internet and learning all about building your readership. Along the way I’ve found little gems that have helped me better understand the market and the strategies that can sometimes feel daunting at first.

Today I would like to share one of those little gems with you.


Probably you’ve heard of it they’ve upped their marketing, but if you are a non-fiction writer than you need to subscribe to their newsletter, they have a self-publication affiliate that I found very interesting, but even as a fiction writer I have found their short videos on the market, the business and all around platform very interesting.

I wish I could share some of their videos they share through their newsletter, but as I’m am 100% not tech-savvy I have no idea. Instead, why don’t you click on the image above it will bring you to their website and register. If you like what you see and read, Yay! If you don’t than unsubscribe, but I promise you if you are currently writing a novel (especially non fiction) just do it! Click on the picture.


Yours truly,





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