All I know for sure is the TITLE

I feel like I have been thinking about my book 24/7, I feel chained to my book at the moment…

Alright, so I’m not at all chained, in fact I’ve been doing a whole bunch of things, other than writing. My husband is worried I won’t finish it! I guess his concerns are legitimate, since I’ve gone skating, skiing, and sliding with the kids. It’s spring break!!!

Although I’ve tried to explain to him that even when I’m not writing I actually still am, but in this instance I’ve hit a bit of a stump in my novel and I need to work through it. I am currently at chapter 6 and struggling with plots and subplots. Ugh!

So far I know with certitude my title. 😉 What do you all think of “She runs with Wolves”? I know variants of the title have already been explored but it’s just so perfect and I love it so very much. When I find an editor we will discuss it at length but for now SHE RUNS WITH WOLVES is here to stay. Also, I found a picture that really conveys my message, and though I could never use this picture by a very famous photographer, it at least gives you an idea.

tumblr_lyd2sm9XtZ1rn7349o1_540 copy

Isn’t she the coolest person you’ve ever seen! My main character, Eira, rocks like her, but instead of German Shepherds think wolves! Kick ass right?

So if you haven’t guessed, my book is a mix of Mad Max meets Katniss in Winterfell. 😉

Let me know what you think. I’d love to read your comments, or come check out my facebook page.


Yours truly,




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