Hello people,

I’m a bit late this week with my blog, in fact can’t remember if I wrote one last week or not? Any hoot, no matter I was busy last weekend in Toronto shooting a short film. It was a special set for me because for the first time I was the writer and was able to sit back and enjoy the fruits of my labor, albeit a very difficult piece about abuse and violence, but still enjoy the set, the hard working people and the abundant flowing creativity as opposed to running around exasperated as a producer. And let me tell you that “sh&*t” got real on set. Thanks to the wonderful director Charles Scott and the amazing actors inhabiting the story, I experienced something I am not sure I will ever get to feel again as a writer on set.

The actors brought everything to the table, but it was during one particulary harrowing scene that I felt goosebumps. The kind of shivers that leave you overwhelmed and changed forever, and like a drug I want a lot more. I felt the symbiosis between writer-story-actor and although I might sound insane saying this, I assure you it was nothing short of transcending. The experience felt part of me, but not, if that makes sense, and I think the actor playing the abuser felt it too. Or maybe I’m letting my imagination get the better of me but I swear there was a moment where I knew he got it. He got inside my head and knew how I had invisioned it and it was fracking freaky. I’m not saying the set unfolded as per my exact vision but he got the emotion, the struggle and it was incredible.

There was a point where my eyes filled with tears because the subject was difficult but also because I wasn’t sure what the hell I was experiencing and though my mind was telling my female hormones to behave in a room mostly filled with men, I can tell you as the executive producer turned to me and exclaimed “We got it” I started bawling because I realized I wasn’t the only one. That’s when I knew that films have power, lots of power and can make a difference and I WANT MORE.

This young actor had an incredibly difficult part to play, he had to stay in character and balance his humanity between abuser and self-loathing and I have nothing but admiration for the young man. He gave me something really special too, something I don’t think many writers get to experience, quite literally breathing life into my imagination.

For that thank you Trevor.

Ps: He doesn’t know about the blog, so this is really for you guys 😉

I guess this post is for all of those who have a dream or a passion especially in film or writing, you might not be rich following what you love, you might not get to do it full time, but if you follow it I can assure you there will be times that will be well worth it making you happy beyond belief.

The first picture is of our amazing director Chuck Scott and below it is Trevor staying focused and in character.

I got chills they’re multiplying and I’m losing control!!!

DSC_2692 DSC_2706

Next week I would like to talk about film sets … and what you should do if you ever find yourself on one. STAY TUNED!

Yours Truly,



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