What has school taught me?

Hi everyone!

I’m back for my second week of blogging. I will try and keep these short and sweet and hopefully entertaining. As I mentioned in my last post I am freshly graduated out of film school with a degree in Film production and screenwriting. As you might also recall, I also said it would be impossible to go over the last two years in one post, so I won’t try to do it here. I will however try to give you 4 tips that were valuable to me in this journey called life.


#1: School is not for everyone especially in the arts. Some need it to feel accomplished like me, and some learn through life experience, both are valid but my feeling is that in the arts if you have drive, passion, and the guts to get what you want than school might not be necessary. I heard someone say that to become proficient in anything a person must pour at least 10 000 hours of their blood, sweat and tears to learn the craft. Do it through school or on your own and you’ll become an expert.

#2: School will definitely help your network of like minded people. I think the most valuable asset going back to school has given me is the network of filmmakers, and writers that I’ve met along the way. Once again, especially in the arts, meeting with people of different backgrounds is detrimental to success. To be a screenwriter is great, to be a screenwriter with a pal director that likes your stuff is priceless. Trust me, every single screenwriter, director had at one point or another a friend helping them get started. This is true for a lot of stuff.

#3: School has taught me to experiment. You need to try. Your first book, film, painting will be crap. In school it’s expected to be crap, but you will learn. Every great writer has written shit at some point in their life and built from there. Don’t be scared to explore. Alejandro Inrriatu is one of the best directors out there right now, his films push the envelope. He literally goes into a film to challenge himself and everyone else on set, he might be afraid, but damn it, he will get his vision on film. Push yourself even if you are afraid. The results might be terrible but they might also surprise you.

#4: Finally, film school taught me the most valuable lesson of all. If you want to write, act, direct … please don’t wait for anybody to come along and help you in your endeavours. Do it. As a screenwriter I was hoping to sell my script to some producer that would hold my hand through the process, I quickly learned that was not going to happen. Don’t wait around for it to happen. Be your own boss. Start your business, publish that book, paint that portrait and show the world.

Hope this helps find your purpose.

By the way, I lied, it’s never going to be short and sweet. šŸ˜‰

Yours Truly,



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