New challenges lay ahead

Where do I begin? I feel like like the eagle has landed with no particular mission plan. Ugh! So much has happened in the last two years that I can’t possibly tell you everything in one post, so I will I will bide my time and tell you my adventures as they pop to mind, but probably not. I guess the first bit of good news is that I am officially finished my M.A in film production, which thank the Gods because I don’t think I could have suffered through another year of cramming papers, shuffling kids around to work and flying to Toronto scrambling to find a babysitter. Although my kids did start school this month and I am finding myself with a lot of free time so who knows, I seem to really enjoy school once I forget what it’s all about. In any event let’s see if I passed.

These past two years have certainly solidified many things for me. For starters, I have confirmed with myself and everyone around me that I am an artist.


Specifically a writer, screenwriter, photographer who likes to draw and sing 😉 I’ve even committed to dressing the part. Just kidding, but not really. My only problem is making a living… I mean how difficult can it be..? I smell baloney sandwiches, people!! Right?

First, I think this site will change. Into what, you ask? Not sure yet, but expect something drastic and bold… Nah!  Anyway just happy to be back… hopefully I will have some clue of anything by my next post.

Yours truly,



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