Well, I suppose you’re wondering who is this person and why don’t I remember her? The answer is simple… I have fallen off the planet and this is a facsimile, who has forgotten how to use wordpress! It is rather convenient since tomorrow is Halloween…

Alas this is not a facsimile… I am the real McCoy! Just a tired, crabby me! I have been so busy. Between keeping a home, starting up a new production company with my new business partner, and completing my studies … I must admit blogging has taken a backseat, but I need you baby … I really do!

This past weekend my production company, Gaussian Films Productions Inc. has just completed their first short film for the 48 hours film challenge in Toronto. It was my first, and like I keep saying to anyone who will listen, the best crash course into movie making magic I could have asked for. I learned so much, and though it was an intense weekend of writing, shooting and editing, it was amazing! I came out of this wanting more.

Here is our promotional poster.


My business partner and I are preparing for the general showing this coming Monday, and though I know most of you don’t live in the general Toronto vicinity, I wanted to share my experiences, and hopefully … eventually … our first dark comedy. If you have the time here is the link to our Facebook page. I guess it would be to just get our name out there into the world, and maybe one day, when we make our first feature film, people will go … I heard that name once … hmmm… let me check it out! 😉

Once again, thank you so much for your support, and hopefully more to come.


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