A little R & R (MA questions)

A little something more

Kimberly T. Hennessy

I’m the kind of overzealous girl, I’m always on time, never late for assignments either, I’m like a snowplough, persistent and determined, and for me that’s a good thing, but the downside of this means that I must be extremely organized, and know exactly step by step every single thing. I don’t mind surprises, but I need an outline, which helps my brain better understand time, deadlines, and structures in general, not very creative-like is it? Yet, within that I have a very fertile, and active imagination, but it has structure, complete opposite to say David Lynch who thrives in the abstract.

The point is, since my rant last time, and I posted a short outline of what my goals were for my two year MA, I’ve felt really good. I spoke to my mentor, and it was great! We discussed about my main question, and he really gave me…

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