What to do?

Kimberly T. Hennessy

Unknown-1I’m supposed to blog about relevant production companies, my process towards acquiring my goals, and which steps I need to take, but it’s all jumbled in my brain. So I decided I would write it out. I apologize if this does not make any sense to anyone, it’s sort of a personal brainstorm I’m sharing at large. I will repost in my other blog, because I’ve totally been neglecting Mouthful of Words. I actually wanted to post an excerpt of my screenplay but I just can’t seem to post it properly, all the lines are wonky, and it’s pissing me off! So I guess I’ll just post a link to the whole thing. We’ll see. Also, I just registered to mail chimp, and it’s not working … you guessed it … I’m annoyed.

So I’m taking a break, writing to you, maybe I’ll sort out my ideas. You see this…

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