Oh boy! This is going to be …

Where to start? 

First let me apologize, because I have not been reading you, but in my defence I haven’t had the time between travelling to Toronto, preparing for my Postgraduate degree, and taking care of my family, I swear I have not seen the month of May go by, and I suspect June will be quite the same.

Not that I haven’t missed you, on the contrary, I miss reading you guys, and my usual routine was to log on, catch up on what I’d missed, and then share a little bit of my life. Unfortunately, today will be a little bit different, but once my schedule is set, I’ll be able to return to you guys, with a whole slew of new and exciting stuff, and share in your experiences as well. I hope you will forgive my slight.

So, like I mentioned last time, I have applied for my postgraduate degree in filmmaking, and to my amazing, and most outstanding, exciting, and scary delight, I have been accepted. AHHHHHH! It’s weird because I quite literally feel like the first post I published some two years ago, when I jumped out of an airplane, and kickstarted this whole thing. It’s scary, it’s exhilarating, it’s “fish out of water stuff”, but no matter how my ego tries to bring me down, I know this is right! Whichever way I look at this, it is right!

I already have my first assignment, and we’ve not had a class yet … Yikes! It’s nothing too difficult, simply wet our feet, get into the groove of things, which is just fine, because I’ve not been a student for ten years now. I read the syllabus, and it’s not going to be easy, not that I thought it would be, but I’ve had butterflies, or knots depends on how you look at it, for two weeks now!

So my blog has now officially gone from bucket list to movie making. I hope will enjoy jumping down the rabbit hole with me, because I’m most certainly bringing you with me.

If you are curious about my first assignment, then please check out my website. 

Until next time.



4 thoughts on “Oh boy! This is going to be …

    • Thank you so much. You’re amazing, and I’m so happy you’re in my corner as always. I still have six weeks of intensive work then I should be able to breath, but only for a short while, before I start my research. Right now, I’m still settling in these new shoes, and although wonderful and fascinating, I’m scared I’ve only truly known mommyhood for the past years… I’m certain my tutor thinks I’m like this neurotic nerd who keeps calling and writing like a frantic chicken clucking nonsense!!! Anyway, I’ll let you know my progress, and please forgive me, I promise when I have some time I will do my rounds. Until then I must buckle down. Oddly, I thought blogging would have to take a back seat, but blogging regularly is one of our assignments, it’s just I don’t have time to read anymore. Take care I’ll read you soon I promise.

      • Hi sweet Kim. I’m so glad you’re taking this on. Mommy’s are human beings, too! As to reading my posts – not to worry as I’ve not had time to write many anyways! Life is just too hectic right now.
        I wish you all the very best-

      • Hi Susan,

        thank you for commenting. I’ve actually just read that you found your Grandma Rosa’s grave. I know how thrilling that can be, having experienced myself, it’s quite literally like meeting them isn’t it? And, I love the lilac tree planted over her grave … just so romantic, like you. Write to you soon.

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