A Shiner’s War

I promised a few things recently, haven’t I? A grand reveal of my screenplay or parts of it anyway on St-Patrick’s day, too much green beer? No, just kidding, I was hanging out with my kids, and pushed my grand unveiling till today. And, I promised to share my adventure on getting this thing on the big silver screen.

Well, let me just say, it’s going to be tough! I have already sent it to my known contacts, one in particular keeps ignoring me, not even a reply, and he’s supposed to be like an inside contact. I got positive feedback from a museum that is taking the time to read the screenplay, so at least that’s something. Today is my first day using the more conventional route of sending query letters. Not much better. I subscribed to imdb pro, and can I just say that there are so many production companies out there it’s crazy. In the end, it’s just a convoluted mess, and I managed to only send one query … not very efficient.

The problem with the Canadian Market are the resources – it’s complicated, no easy access, and honestly any promotional value is obscure, and plus I just learnt that if you want any kind of funding you have to be a production company, which is why I’m sort of thinking that’s what I want to do, mainly because I want to be part of the whole process. I want to have some independence, but the truth of the matters is that the writer if he’s lucky will sell his screenplay, and wait till it hits the silver screen like everybody else. If that’s not true, than like I said before there is no Canadian platform to help someone like me. Who knows, maybe that will become my mission in life, develop a platform for emerging artists that promote our Canadian culture. You know, create buzz like they have in the U.S.

Because I have so much I want to talk about I’m not sure where to start. So I’ll start with what I know, my script. The following is an excerpt you can also find on my website at http://www.kthennessy.com. More to come soon. So here we go!



K.T Hennessy


Martin Sr. looks back as two large eyes peer from behind the
ghostly sheet.

Roy drops to his knees and falls face first to the ground, a
gaping chest wound leaching black blood.

Another CRACK echoes throughout the woods.

Martin Sr. staggers back as his knees buckle. He grabs hold
of a tree, but stumbles weak to the ground.

                    MARTIN SR. (V.O)
               (in Gaelic with subtitles.)

          Get up old man ... Get up!

He looks down, blood oozes out of his obliterated shoulder.
Black stains his trembling fingers.

                    MARTIN SR. (V.O)
          Fuck me! Katie ’ll be pissed.

Martin Sr. crawls away from the bloody massacre, and closer
to the northern edge and out of the woods.


James turns Roy’s body over with his foot, and removes the
blackened sheet.

Roy’s vacant stare glares back at him.

James lifts his gaze from the dead body, and his eyes narrow
on the two servants that observe him closely.

          Find that other motherfucker.  He

          won’t go far. I want his head on a
          spoke. You hear me?
The two servants nod, and quickly trek forward with their
dogs sniffing away.

More to follow.
Yours truly,

2 thoughts on “A Shiner’s War

  1. Wow – this is a great opening! I wonder at the language – do you think that could be a barrier for these production people you’re querying? I can’t imagine how difficult this is – but with all the Irish in the United States, have you thought of sending to production companies here? I’m feeling your frustration, too and wish I could wave a magic wand and get your script in the right hand. Here, we can expect to wait 3-6 months for NO reply (that’s the answer. If you don’t hear back, it’s a no!)
    Ah, well, keep shouldering on – and I like the idea of you owing a company. How cool is that!
    Happy Spring to you my friend.

  2. Everybody tells me that I should query in the US, I probably will eventually, but first I need to figure out how it works here. Yes, the language is rather raw, and I thought about it at first, but it wouldn’t be a realistic picture if I hadn’t used some here and there. These are lumberjack’s, male camps, and drunken thugs … swearing would have been compulsory, but you are right and should be used sparingly. The editor didn’t seem off put by it, so I left it in. We’ll see, changes might be required. Thanks for you encouragement, it’s really appreciated.

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