A new leg in the journey

It’s been so long, I almost forgot where all the keys are … no … not quite. I’ve been so busy fulfilling bucketlist items, and finishing up my script that I just didn’t have anymore juice to give.

First of all, learning to play guitar looks much easier than it is … strumming has definitely got the best of me … however, I have not given up. I will learn to play and sing at the same time even if it kills me, or my fingers.

Also, I’ve been spending all of my time with my kids. Spring is upon us, and we’ve really taken advantage of the last snow days. Part of my bucketlist was to do more stuff with my kids, and that is a lifelong checkmark. We’ve been hiking up in the snowy forests, skating, skiing, sliding at every opportunity, and as they get older I’ve included more and more family fun – even if it means less time for blogging, and mommy stuff. I’m not complaining, the reward has been exponential.

And, finally my last item, which is two days away from completion, is my script. It’s done, edited, revised, re-edited, revised and now … da da dum … done! I will be posting a complete works on my website soon, and I will invite all of you to check it out. My blogging journey will soon warp into a written adventure of my journey into movie making- The Journey – the ups and downs of making a movie. I’m thinking of starting my own production company. I don’t know yet, my mind is still cloudy.

Now that the script is done, I still have to write a treatment, synopsis, loglines, taglines and so forth. Writing the script was quite literally only the tip of the iceberg, now the hard part is coming up. Hopefully, with a good head, a good plan, and a bit of Irish luck something will stir in my favour. I do, however, wish to say that I also believe in my ability to stir it for myself.

I probably will maintain a low profile for the coming weeks. It’s insane how fast time is flying, although I wouldn’t want to have 30 hours day, I sometimes wish I could stop time, which in sense is another way of saying 30 hours days, but just for me. lol!

Here’s a little picture of what my upcoming feature sort of looks like in my head.


Yours truly,



5 thoughts on “A new leg in the journey

  1. Well, I’ve been thinking about you! I’m so glad you’re finding time with your family AND writing. I can’t wait to read it – congratulations Kim. (and I LOVE that picture!)

  2. yay Kimmy … so does that mean no time for the schools 25th in May ? 🙂 … guitar is not easy to learn … i’ve been at it for a while and honestly piano is much easier…my fingers simply don’t stretch or bend the way they are supposed to and never mind the calluses you get on the tip of your fingers lol …. as for the picture it is exactly how i saw it when reading it 🙂 … good to hear from you take care

    • No, I’m going … you? I also have a piano, but the only time I can practice are when the kids are in bed … not a good idea, which is why I opted for guitar, but now it’s personal, I will kick that guitar’s butt 😉

      My saga continues.

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