Tis the time to give awards

I’ve been sitting on a few awards for the past few months, anxious to hand them out, but taking my time to read all of you, get to know all of you, and if I could I would hand some out to everyone.

When I started this blog, it really was a way for me to stop my procrastination, and get my butt in gear, learn new skills, build new relationships, acquire experience, and just get out there, get over the fear, and so forth. I can’t tell you how much it’s paid off in so many ways, but one thing I didn’t expect was to actually have people like, and read, and best of all appreciate what I do, or am trying to do.

So for every single person that has clicked like on my page, that has left a comment in passing, or has just browsed, skimmed, checked, and re-blogged some of my posts … I say to you … thank you.

Susan Bahr, you are one sweet mama! She is my blogger best friend, and is always there to encourage me. You have given me much kindness and for that I am grateful.

Please everybody go check out this amazing author’s blog. She can spin a story at the drop of a hat, and as a bonus we always get to learn a little more about Susan, and her family roots.



This is the super sweet blogging award. All nominees that receive this award must re-post the super sweet pic on their blog, and nominate other bloggers in turn, then list 7 items about themselves.

I am really happy to give out these awards, because I want the recipient to know how much they are appreciated, and most importantly read.

1- http://davidpagan.wordpress.com/

David just arrived recently in my must read blogs, and I’m happy I waited this long before sending out my awards because he is definitely deserving of one. From the few blog entries I’ve read, it’s obvious he is a talented author. Someone once said that my blog just needed a little lovin’, and now it’s time I return the favour in any little capacity I have. So please, if you have a minute, check him out.

2- http://licensedmentalhealthcounselor.wordpress.com/about/

My second super sweet award goes out to a fabulous person. I first read one of his articles about the psychology behind acts of heroism, but I soon learned that this incredible person helps people through hardship – drug abuse, and mental disorders. He had written an article, about a bad day he had had, helping a suicidal teenager amongst other things, that’s when I knew I wanted to give him an award. He deserves our praise.

3- http://atlantaladylitwits.wordpress.com/

This is a great blog for those that love literature, love to read, and want to share in a community of readers. I love her blog. She has inspired me to do more with mine, and I hope she inspires you, and she has a great reading list.

4 – http://kidsarefrompluto.com/

Another one of the fun blogs I read is this one. As some of you might know I have kids, and this a is a kid friendly blog with great fun ideas, and activities to help with the sometimes long days of being a stay at home parent. Have fun!

5 – http://ladyornot.com/becca-ism-15123/

Lady or not is a great blog. She’s hilarious, and always a great read. Maybe not always a lady, but always the most perfect person in the entire world ;) If you need cheering up … check her out!

6- http://easternaffairs.wordpress.com/

My last nomination, which is a little different from the others is Eastern affairs. I must admit I’m not much of a political buff, I watch some stuff, but honestly I find the whole business complicated, which is why I like this blog. She reports, simplifies it, and gives it back to us. I don’t think her task is an easy one, I’ve often read responses that could have been nicer, but she takes it in strides. She chose a difficult subject to cover, and deals with it really well.

As for myself, I still need to give you 7 things about me that nobody knows. It’s going to be tough because I am an open book, for real.

Here goes

1- I cry for everything … when I’m happy, sad, angry … it’s my go to thing.

2- I hate being the cry-er. My daughter will say “why are you crying now?” She’s four!

3- When I’m nervous, I babble… a lot.

4 – I have a wicked temper that I’ve been trying to tame since I met my husband, fifteen years ago.

5- I was anorexic all through high school.

6 – I’m spoiled.

7- I find being a stay at home mom extremely difficult, but I never regret the decision of taking the time to watch my kids grow up, and being there for them, even if it means playing another game of hide n seek.

There you have the list. I hope you will take the time to check a few of these great people out, they are deserving of our attention, and I wish them all the luck in the world.

Yours truly,



11 thoughts on “Tis the time to give awards

  1. Ah, Kim – it’s so nice to see you up and about. And so perky! I’m looking forward to checking out these sites. Congrats to you, for the much deserved awards. Keep on writing and sharing –
    my best to you always.

  2. Hey Kim – thanks for the wonderfully kind words and for the award. You’ve been a huge encouragement to me, and I thank you for that. I’ll pass along the award and see if I can figure out 7 interesting things about myself 🙂

    • I’m happy to have found you, and I really hope you win that short story. Also, I have found that since I’ve put myself out there I’ve had more and more success, I hope the same is true for you. Good luck. And, keep us posted on your endeavours.

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