Sniffles, cough cough!

So I’ve been out of commission for the past week, of course you were wondering of my whereabouts? Well, in bed of course; coughing, sneezing, freezing, like the commercial says. I must say I’ve not been this sick in a long long long time, and I had forgotten how terrible fevers are. Brrr! I must admit, however that despite feeling like I’ve been run over by a tank, and then run over  by train, and throw in a horse in there while we’re at it that was not the worse part. No, not the worse. My kids were sick as well, and slept in bed with us, so I fell on the floor a couple of times, but nope, not the worse part either, not even when my daughter incessantly grinds her cold little chicken toes in my back for what feels like hours. Nope not even that rattled me.

The worse thing was being awake in the middle of the night, unable to sleep because there is no comfortable position cause you think your shoulder is going to split open, and all you can think about is a stupid song, and not even the whole song, just a few snippets over and over and over until you think you’re going to lose your mind …

“I’ve got CHILLS … there multiplying … and I’m losing … self-control… it’s ELECTRIFYING!

I eventually gave up on trying to think of something else and quite literally sang myself to sleep with John Travolta singing in my head, and woke up with him singing in my head. Anyway, on day #3 I gave up and went to the doctor – Bronchitis, and my daughter ear infection. I’m still not feeling all that great despite the strong antibiotics, so I think I will maintain radio silence for while, or at least until I don’t feel like I’ve swallowed a fish bowl.

I wanted to write about my scarf, it’s been knitted and unworn for what feels like an eternity… and well I guess you’ll just have to take my word for it, it’s done! 😉 bucket # I can’t remember, checked and accomplished next item guitar … hmmm!

On a final note, I wanted to wish everyone Merry X-mas. I know our hearts are heavy this year, for Newtown, and children around the world. Let us grieve our lost souls of 2012, and make 2013 our catalyst for change, and turn this little planet  into something we are proud of.

I leave you with none other than John Lennon.


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