EEEK! Only 22 hours to go!!!

ImageIt’s been a while since I’ve written here, I’ve been hard at work with my upcoming website launch … it almost feels like I’m coming home to an old friend. I’ve also taken the time to check some you guys out, and it’s been very cool connecting with most of you. Unfortunately, I can only do so much, and my kids have been watching a lot of Dora … the best parenting skills ever!!!

So I’m writing to tell you about the new button that will be added to my menu … the

Click my website button.  This prelude is to give you a little glimpse, a little taste into the future…

LIFE OF PI anyone? HUNGER GAMES? SHAKESPEARE? INSURGENT? SHERLOCK HOLMES? Have you guessed? A BOOK CLUB! YAY, another book club 😉 Are you excited? I am. K’s Pick of the month features Life of Pi! I can’t wait to start the discussions with you, but it’s not just a book club, it also features K’s movie review, and K’s book review, and K’s favourites, and K’s upcoming and special events, and if you allow me a small indulgence, it will also feature some of my work … my script … my newest publication … and hopefully future publications.

Eventually, I would like to have guest writers, other authors, perhaps editors ;), and just amazing people that I think have amazing lives and blogs.

So, if you’re like me, and love to read, write, or love to comment, and add your two cents, then please come and check out K’s book club, and so much more. This month’s topic is extensive, but if you have a chance please skim through it, and tell me your point of view.

Until then, I’m going to start gathering intel for future guest speakers;) And, I know I promised a post on my whiskey drinking habit, and my knitted cowl, bucket list items finally complete, but it will have to be for another day.



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