Officially published!

Why do I do this to myself ..? Really? Why? It wasn’t enough that my new publication was coming out, I had to attempt to launch a new website at the same time, change the format on this blog, and start my intense script editing all at the same time … plus I promised a post on my knitting, and a post on my whiskey drinking hobby … throw in two kids in the mix and you have a real mess!!!

Also, I’m leaving for Toronto tomorrow to meet two of my oldest and dearest friends, and my suitcase isn’t packed. I have a lot to do, but I’m not complaining because every single thing written here make my life blissful, so to a heavy, albeit fun work load.

I wanted to officially announce our book launch with the timing of my website launch, but Cynthia Shepp is wonder woman and has launched “Apocalypse Anthologies” yesterday. The kindle version is currently on Amazon. YAY! I will provide the link below, if any of you are interested in purchasing the inexpensive compilation of various authors and their take on the day after the apocalypse, including yours truly, myself. If, you’re looking for a fun, and in my opinion appropriate stocking stuffer for X-mas, what better gift than the Apocalypse to a loved one. 😉 Paperback will also be out by then, if that is more your mojo, so ROCK ON, AND READ ON!!!

Oh, and only 16 days left until the my official website launch … just a little teaser for you … have you read “Life of Pi?” Is it on your reading list? Then get to it … cause we have lots to talk about 😉 Until then, I will try and annoy you with some of my bucket list quirks.


11 thoughts on “Officially published!

  1. Congratulations! Yeah for you!! Can you send me info., a snippet and a link? I’m gonna highlight a few upcoming authors in a post soon and will include yours. I don’t have a huge following, but I believe we should all succeed.
    Yeah, again!

    • Absolutely, thank you so much for even wanting to share, I really appreciate it. I’m sorry it took me so long to reply, I was away for the weekend and I’m currently on a train back home, and the connection is rather poor, so I will send all that your way tonight or tomorrow if that is alright. Thank you. Btw, have you heard back from the editor?

    • Um…. Kim? guess I didn’t get this in my email! I am laughing right now, as this is something I would’ve done… Not sure about these wacky question marks or I’d just copy and paste this into my post. Are you on facebook? If so, want to send a friend request? That way we can send these things directly. If not, you can go to my page through my link on the side bar and leave a message there. We’ll get this figured out –
      oh, and thanks for the wonderful comment – bullying is tough. Imagine my shock when my oldest daughter signed up for a class at the local high school was on the receiving end – FROM A TEACHER! What a cruddy thing to do to a kid, especially one who was new to the school system. She got even though. She dropped his sorry class…
      Hope your school systems are better in Canada than ours!
      Oh, and one more, more thing. I LOVE YOUR UPDATED BLOG! It looks so professional, Kim! Way to go…

      • Good idea! just friended you on facebook, and it’s all sent again! Thanks for all the attention, and compliments, I’m really feeling the love now! Thank you, I’m currently working on my webpage, hopefully it will also look pretty cool. As for Canadian schools, well we’re not immune to stupid teachers, in fact I had a couple that could have improved on their teaching skills rather than pick on me. It’s a wonder why they became teachers in the first place. Good for you daughter, and good for you to home school them. Very cool! Alright, gotta go … there’s a house that needs paint 😉

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