My new project

I just want to start by thanking all those that entered the Cover Page contest for the release of the Apocalypse Anthology compilation. For any interested, #5 won.Image

So stay tuned for its release in December, and my first official publication.

So on to my new project. First of all, what you must know about me, is that when I decide on something, there is really no discouraging me. It’s a need to accomplish whatever I set my mind to, no matter how smart or dumb or useless it might be. So for those following me, know that I have written a script, and still anxiously waiting on the editor to revise it. The screenplay is about my 6x great Irish grandfather that emigrated to Canada back in the early 1800.

Why I tell you this? Because back then, these hard, fisticuff men, were whiskey drinkers … and so I’ve decided I too would be a whiskey drinker … yes, yes I know how this might make me sound, but it’s not at all like that, which again, that last sentence might prove your point, but I digress. It was the same with espresso, because the last time I went to Italy, I wasn’t keen on the coffee beverage, in fact I thought it foul. And, when I travel, it is as much a visual, as it is a culinary experience, really full sensory overload. So I taught myself to drink espresso, and now I thoroughly enjoy it, and next time I travel to the ancient cradle of the world, I will enjoy my coffee shot. How many of us, when they first tried sushi, weren’t sure at first, now everybody you talk to, loves it.

So, why now, why whiskey, because one day I will visit the Emerald Isle, especially if I get to make my movie, and I will not only appreciate their friendly, heartwarming welcome, but fully intend to eat a large bowl of warm Irish stew, no doubt with potatoes, and a pint of Guinness, but also my glass of fine whiskey.

So far, however, my tastebuds have only had the chance to savour Scotch, I also intend to visit Scotland … not sure about Haggis… still on the fence.

So far I’ve tasted the Bowmore Islay, the Glenfidditch, the Macallan, and the Balvenie, all of them aged twelve years. Tomorrow I’d like to post a review of my findings, but we all know how that works out. So in the meantime, here are a few pictures of the bottles I’ve had the pleasure to try.



Yours truly,



3 thoughts on “My new project

  1. K- I will let you know that I wish you the best. I will also say there may be better things to take on in order to prepare for your visit to the Emerald Isle… such as Irish tea. I, for one, can not start my day without a good strong brew, laced with but a touch of sugar (far less than they would use) and cream. Ah, the simple pleasure! And then there’s soda bread… soda bread will NOT leave you with a hangover or stronger repercussions. And so, to sum, I would urge you to pursue that which will not leave you tottering, but alert and ready to start your day!
    And as a footnote, though the Irish would be want to put but a wink of whiskey in their tea… I will not. I like my tea virgin.

    • Ha! Ha! You’re right my vision was indeed quite limited, or at the very least askew. 😉 I’ve not had the pleasure of their soda bread, and that Irish tea does sound quite appealing, and it would seem my sweet tooth is inherent to the red headed realm. Some, however, not me of course, could argue that a wink in the evening could do no harm, despite it being a breakfast tea 😉

      • A wink is a good thing – but that tea in the evening will keep you up all night long.. unless, of course you’re one of the fortunate who can consume caffeine and still fall asleep. That would NOT be me… As to the Irish and their drinking, I will tell you that when I met my husband’s mother’s brother (her twin) he introduced himself with a large grin and said, ever so grandly, “Good day, my dear. I’m the one that has too much fun.”
        You’ll let me know when you’re book is available? Will it be download-able or in print form or both?
        Love the cover – same image that I chose but in color.
        take care,

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