The Great Outdoors

Today I will tell you about my promise to do activities with my kids. We get stuck in these routines, and end up doing nothing. I’m a stickler for my kids naps, and that for the past four years has sort of put any lengthy activities on hold. I know some parents are much more flexible, and let their kids sleep or not sleep whenever it happens, but being a stay-at-home mom, and learning to get things done, and not require thousands upon thousands of sleep-deprived hours, requires a very strict schedule. My son however, just turned two, and naps aren’t as detrimental, and he won’t wake up at three in the morning even if he did nap late in the afternoon, so that has given us as a family the opportunity to start hiking.

So every Saturday, we as a little family, go hiking in the woods. And, I love it. Although my daughter whines throughout the whole time because she wants to go in the baby-carrier, we manage to let them take turns and it’s great. Here, I am trying to explain to my daughter that it’s her brother’s turn.


We love it so much that I want to buy snow shoes for when the winter comes, but all summer, and now during fall, it’s been good for the soul. I’m really blessed that I live in an area that has all four seasons, it really makes me appreciate every season as they come along.

And this year, the trees were gorgeous, we unfortunately always forgot the camera to really show you how breathtaking, but we did manage a couple on whatever battery was left in the camera. Image

The trees were just starting to change, but really the picture is clouded in fog, and doesn’t do justice to how pretty it really was. By the way, for any have been following my blog, that river behind is the Ottawa River, the very same river my Great – great – great- great- great- great grandfather would drive pine rafts down to Québec city. The very same grandfather that inspired my script “A Shiner’s War” Check out the first excerpt in my blog.

I must admit, ten years ago I was on a fast track to depression, with a job I hated, and a marriage with communication problems, but luckily for us, we realized that nature was what was missing from our lives. We are as suburban as they come, and for a while forgot about our roots in nature. We forgot to re-source ourselves, and recover our strength our soul from that very nature. It might sound esoteric, but we are made of the same space dust as earth, and by disconnecting with the environment on the level we see now, it’s no wonder so many people are on anti-depressants.

What I’m trying to say is that I am just happy that it didn’t take me too long to figure it out, but mostly I’m honoured to share this with my children. And, if they can learn just this one lesson, that happiness is not about having more, owning more, swamped in materialistic junk, but about being as connected as possible with the true source of ourselves then they will have found happiness. I know I know I sound like Oprah  … but oh well… it is what it is.Image



5 thoughts on “The Great Outdoors

  1. When I see you and your young family, I’m taken back – thriteen years ago that was me with my two little ones. Good job getting out and about – I KNOW how tough that is! Lovely photos and I can relate – I’d go stir crazy without my woods. I love nature.
    So nice to see your post – keep em coming (and I’ll understand when it takes a while – you’re a busy mom!)

    • Thanks Susan, you are like my WordPress best friend. I can’t thank you enough for all your great posts and interest you’ve taken in my blog. Thank you just doesn’t cut it, but it’s all we have, so thank you for all the traffic, and for your own beautiful blog. Letters to Rosa are so heartwarming, they inspire me, and push me to do better.

      • You’re so welcome. You are what I love about blogging. I love connecting with newbies (as I am one myself) and watching them branch out and grow. I hope to always support others, whether their writers or artists or just someone with something to say. I wish you all the best!

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