Writing, knitting, winning contests… and getting published?

So much has happened since I last wrote, must say life has been good.

To start, we’ll play catch up a bit, my last entry was a short story that I wrote for a contest on facebook, you can check out the blogsite at http://cynthiashepp.wordpress.co/, anyway the contest was, “what would you do if you had a backpack of provisions in a post apocalyptic situation type thing.”

Everybody that entered really took it to heart and people produced fun, and interesting short stories. So much so that in the end, the editor, Cynthia was so pleased she decided to take it upon herself to publish an anthology E-book featuring all of our short stories. YAY! My very first real publication, and a great way to get even more visibility. I have recently, as you know finished my script, and now I must focus on this blog, and get more and more readers interested in my life. I need to punch in more hours, but it’s not been easy.

People like Cynthia, and Susan Bahr, check out her website as well, http://letterstorosa.wordpress.com/, cute heart warming stories beautifully written and just make you want to laugh, cry and continue reading, have made it possible for me to gain more traffic on my website.

So that was part one of my good news, part two, a friend of mine has sent my screenplay synopsis to different Canadian producers across Canada. Now, I haven’t heard back, maybe that’s bad news, but I’m trying to stay positive about this. Good things come to those that wait, and patience is a virtue, and also things happen when they’re suppose to happen… all right! So please, take a peak at my screenplay, and if you like, share with your friends and family and be the first to say I read that screenplay even before it hit theatres. 😉 I will continue to post excerpts but in the meantime I do have other bucket list endeavours that I’ve yet to fulfill.

I have yet to finish knitting my socks … and honestly, not sure when that will happen cause I’m sick of them already, I have started a cowl however, and that is coming along nicely. Will post a picture of it once it’s done! Thinking of starting up my guitar playing and producing a song for spring, but not sure yet.

In the meantime, let me post a picture of a before and after picture of my short and long hair. I’ve been trying to find a recent one of my long hair, but I always had it tied back in a ponytail, so I will have to settle for an older picture of a younger looking self. Bah, that’s not too bad is it;)

Alright my friends, take care and blog you later.

Love K

You can’t really tell how long they were, and the picture dates back two years ago, I chose it because I thought my daughter was really cute, even though it’s fuzzy. And, now for the after …

4 thoughts on “Writing, knitting, winning contests… and getting published?

  1. Look how cute! You are one brave lady – and styling, too! Thank you for highlighting my little blog – it means a lot. As to the wait – I call it the place of lovely limbo – waiting for word from an agent or publisher. Ah, the agony. I’ve been in that space for 7 weeks waiting to hear anything from an editor that’s looking at my Irish novel. It’s a good place, really, just frustrating. Thus, the blogging – what a great way to meet people and write and share your story. I encourage you to continue – and I’m glad to see you putting new posts up!

    • Thank you, I really do love my short hair, but must admit there is a lot more work involved. Whoever said short hair is less work, was wrong. Thanks for the pep talk, I worked really hard on my script now it’s at the editor, and hopefully I will hear some news soon.

  2. Congratulations! Winning is such a great thing! I agree that this anthology will get you more exposure and I am sending good wishes that your work is accepted by someone to whom you have submitted. Wheee…….what a rush that would be! Good luck!

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