Here are a few of my favourite things

Yesterday I posted about the Kony movement, and there is some controversy surrounding this movement. When I first watched the video, a few things caught my attention, but because the overall cause was so important I overlooked those things and launched a full on attack so to speak, for others it wasn’t so obvious, and I understand that. Here is a link that explains rather well the concerns,

Personally, my view is that right now, Kony is still there, still a war criminal, and he needs to be stopped and brought before an international criminal court. How is it a father, who out of compassion for his daughter’s terminally ill, long time suffering, agonizing pain, assists his daughter in ending her pain is sentenced 10 years in prison, but a man like Kony, can go on raping boys, mutilating, and killing thousands of people? No, there is something wrong with this picture. Perhaps militarization isn’t the solution, I am not of the eye for an eye belief, but until we find one that works, how can we sit by and do nothing… we can’t. Unfortunately, Kony isn’t the only problem with this world, so if this debate really hits a nerve than luckily so many other movements are there for your plucking.

Congo, Sudan, Syria, Darfur… all these countries suffer cruel internal power struggles, some, are mass cleansing; all result in countless deaths, and eventually, genocides. This doesn’t include child slavery, children in sex trade, child soldiers, lack of food, water, shelter… the list goes on.

So here are a few of my favourite charities, my number one is the

GIRL EFFECT, which is only appropriate considering today is woman’s day. This campaign is very dear to my heart, and by far is my favourite. How awesome to help girls, educate them, and perhaps bring a balance to our very unbalanced world.



This organization is fronted by the famous journalist Nicholas Kristof and his wife, pulitzer prize winner Sheryl WuDunn. Once again they believe that the fight must start in helping women around the world.



These would be my two favourite, but I have many more that I want to share with you, but for today that’s enough. Explore these, and see how you can help and make a difference in a person’s life, at the very least buy a t-shirt, and share the links. Knowledge is key, we are not complacent, we are just not well informed.

I will write more about some of my other favourite charities, but in the meantime don’t forget to check these two out on facebook, GIRL EFFECT, AND Nicholas Kristof, they’re doing some important work and you need to be informed.



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