This is not a tale of woe

My Grandmother passed away today, she was 102. Not always an easy path, but she had a rich and fulfilling life nonetheless. Oh, and what a life she lived, what a legacy she leaves behind! Born in 1909, she survived two world wars, the great depression, she experienced the coming of electricity, the industrial revolution, the car, the atomic bomb, rock and roll, man on the moon, microwave, nuclear bomb, sexual revolution, woman’s emancipation, and yet for all those things that could boggle any mind, her one and only preoccupation was for us, her children, and her grandchildren; her legacy.

I believe everything happens for a reason, I believe the universe speaks to me all the time, and it’s up to me to listen, and tonight as I remember my Grandmother, tears streaming down my cheeks watching Oceans; a documentary about our planet’s oceans, a must see documentary for any fish lover, creature lover, and planet lover, it is beautiful, graceful, peaceful, and sad, I’m reminded of what sort of legacy I will leave behind. What will I leave for my legacy, my most important contribution to this planet, my kids? What am I teaching them; how to pollute, how to perpetuate this path of unconsciousness, and individuality? What will be left for them?

My Grandmother never wasted a single thing in her life, having lived through war, she quickly learned how to be resourceful, widowed by 40, losing her two year old child who was hit by a car, and then having five mouths to feed that totally, and solely depended on her, my Grandmother learned how to survive. Her imprint on this world is vast and far reaching, she has nine grandchildren to prove it, yet she has not damaged the planet in doing it. Perhaps the means were not available for her to destroy the planet, perhaps she was not of that generation, but we’ve come full circle since then, a 100 years, and now as I write to you thinking about my own imprint on this planet I wonder?

I wrote in the title, this is not a tale of woe, because I have hope, I always have hope, I can’t imagine we will let ourselves self-destruct, I can’t imagine we will continue to let leaders decide for us if we go to war, or not by the flip of a nuclear switch, I can’t imagine we will continue to let little girls and boys die in horrendous, questionable circumstances around the world, and why the same few old men around the world keep filling their pockets with money… because it’s all about the money, and the power that comes with it.

It’s time to start our revolution of peace, it’s time to take back our planet, it’s time to take care of our children, and put them first, do the twenty percent of millionaires in this world own us? It’s time for change, I’m not sure how to do it, but I know it’s start at home, with yourself, with your partner, with your family, your neighbour, with our pets, our animals. Let’s take back what belongs to us, the remaining 80% of the world, and leave these old farts with their money, their power, their egos, and start treating each other better, our planet better, our children. Little girls murdered for being girls, little boys being raped for fetching water at a well, limbs hacked off, ENOUGH!!!

I do not have my Grandmother’s strength, she was a tough one, but she has given me her courage, her determination, and perseverance, and I want to make a difference. I don’t know how, but I will make this world a better place, and make her proud. Who will join me?

Je t’aime Grand-maman, repose en paix ma douce, tu es avec Grand-papa maintenant et Fleurette et je sais que tu veilles sur nous. Je t’aime.


4 thoughts on “This is not a tale of woe

  1. So true what what you beleive,there are a lot of people in your
    generation now that are thinking like you.I know some for a fact.
    I would like to see the day where we can safely walk down a street alone
    children can even trust an adult and sometimes there elders.We are
    missing that freedom.My deepest sympathy to your family.Now your
    Grandma is on a safe and peaceful path.Love Gail.M.

    • Thank you Gail,

      My Grandmother’s death is for me a reunion of sorts, she has just rejoined her husband, and daughter after sixty years of separation, we’ve had her for very long, and now she deserved to be reunited with past loved ones. I feel change is coming, and pray the better side wins, it’s up to us to change the tide.

  2. Je me souviens de ta grand-maman, son ancien four sur lequel est nous avait fait les meilleur toasts avec du creton maison.. Elle était drôle et calme à la fois, une petite tige d’acier, solide et toute petite à la fois. Un mélange parfais de force et de vulnérabilité. C’est l’image que j’ai toujours eu d’elle, en plus du fait qu’elle semblait éternelle!!! Mes pensées sont avec toi et ta famille, je vous envoi des gros calins de mon patelin. estelle xoxoxox

    • Merci Estelle,

      Moi aussi ses fameuses toasts seront un de mes plus beaux souvenirs. C’est très gentil ton mot et fort apprécié, je suis heureuse de pouvoir partager avec toi des souvenirs précieux de ma Grand-mère son passage me semble plus doux. Merci

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