I’ve been busy… Oh! And, Happy New Year!!!


2011 has been great to me, and 2012 feels electrifying. I honestly can’t wait to see what adventures await me. My most recent endeavour has been knitting, and although I’ve been working at this pair of socks for the past 4 months, and I’ve not gotten very far, (a bit of an understatement), I promise I will finish them.

For my lack of skill, I will make up for it in determination, and perseverance. I actually love it so much that I want to try my hand at needlelace. I probably won’t make a career out of it, but I definitely want to attempt it.

Anyway, it’s just so you know I’m not stalling on my bucket list, and although I wanted to take up guitar playing, I’ve actually been busy writing my script. And, I’m happy to announce that the research part is almost complete, and my work is in a different zone; the storyboard. I feel as though I have all the pieces of my puzzle, and is required now, is assembling. Let me tell you that it feels fantastic, FANTASTIC!!!

So if you are interested in reading a short description, the same kind one finds behind a video cassette, oups I meant DVD, then please refer to my screenplay section. It will be posted shortly.

On a final note, my wine has sadly turned to vinegar, but not to despair according to my Italian father in law, it would seem that vinegar is also a precious liquid difficult to produce. I thought all bad wine turned to vinegar, but not so, bad wine can give bad vinegars, but good vinegar is a difficult practice in itself. So, unfortunately I have no idea where we went wrong as to reproduce this liquid gold, but so be it. We have a whole batch of it for the next five years. Until we try again!




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