Dragonboat success!!!

For my aunts, Fernande, Sandy, and Rose. For my Grand-Father Damasse Lacasse, for my Nonna Leonilla, for my neighbour Ted, and my friend Louise, for my friend Nathalie Quinn’s mother, Mrs Quinn, and for my friend’s dad, Mr. Campeau. For Moe, a friend of the family, or all of my friends grand-mother’s, Estelle, Danielle, and David Desmarchais’ father and sister, or my friend Max’s brother, Benoit, and to a gentle, affectionate woman Madame Lauzon who most recently lost her battle with cancer. For my mother, who suffered through chemotherapy though not for cancer but pulmonary fibrosis, and just as debilitating.

To all of those that fought, and still fight the battle; I paddled for you!!! Some of you have left this planet to watch over us, you are not forgotten, you are still in my heart, and thoughts… I PADDLED FOR ALL OF YOU!!!

It would not have been possible without your support. Thank you! Thanks to all the people that helped me paddle. Thank you for helping me reach my goal of a 1000$, but mostly thank you for all the people you have helped, will help, and are helping at this very moment. All those cancer patients that will receive our donations will know that people do care. I saw, through my mom’s chemotherapy, how much she needed our support. I saw, through those intense sessions of induced-poisoning, how difficult it is too keep smiling, but you have helped these cancer patients keep smiling, despite their battle. THANK YOU!

Combined with your help, my team was able to amass 24 000$. That will go a long way! Your money will go a long way. THANK YOU!

It was a great day, sunny and bright, not too warm, just perfect. We raced a total of three races, and we won 1 race, which is pretty spectacular considering the amount of practices we had prior. You have helped me accomplish my two goals, and I am proud. THANK YOU!




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