Snobs, slobs, and blobs

Pretension is an affliction easily diagnosed; to find oneself knee deep in bulls**t, and the smell alone prevents you from formulating a decent, mindful sentence, and you are forced to lift your nose a little higher to escape the ghastly odour, then you know, either yourself or someone around you is suffering from this malady.

What is it with people and their holier than thou attitude? I can’t stand snobbism, I can’t… It’s visceral! I should know better, these people are nothing without their degrees, their rank, their network, their connections. They are defined by who they know, what they know, and sometimes how much they have, but it’s not a pre-requisite. You can be just as much a snob if you’re into the “Arts” or a “Poor Hippie” or anything if you look down on someone because they are not like you.

It’s just a gross state of human “beingness” I should know better, and go Buddha on their *ss, but it’s soo hard. Unfortunately, there is no known cure for this disease, except open-mindedness, experience, and perhaps a little self-growth.

Actually, I should not write this, it’s not very enlightened on my part, negativity breeds more negativity, but alas it makes for a good read. In the meantime, I will nod politely, hold my head up high, as to avoid the stench, and because the wise, and all-knowing Buddha once said; “Anyone can be buddha,” I will try and find one redeeming quality. Pfff!!! As if! 😉



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