Dragonboat baby!!!

Well, here it is.

Two posts in less than a week. Wow! There’s hope for me yet.

Today’s post, is a special one, because it involves two items on my bucketlist, albeit I’m not terribly successful in either, but it’s a matter of the heart, and really that’s all that matters.

So you might have guessed one half of my blog, which involves dragonboat racing, I’ve always wanted to try it, and perhaps get into shape doing it. Unfortunately, that didn’t prove possible seeing as though I’ve dragonboated, all but once. Which brings me to my second item checked, help raise funds for a charitable cause. When I found this event, I signed up thinking I’d get Madonna arms all the while raising funds for cancer patients. It turns out, I have difficulty asking for money even when it is for a good cause, secondly, the one time practice scared me into thinking I had no rhythm, but really it was all those around me… I’m sticking to that explanation!

I thought it was for such a good cause, helping the people with the little things. We don’t realize that when you have cancer, life doesn’t, and can’t stop. We always assume the person took the time they needed to help themselves heal, but sometimes, most times that’s not possible. Single mother’s who have no money for babysitters, or an elderly woman with no money to pay for a wig, or a father who can’t afford to stop working, lest he can’t support his family. It’s all too real, and sad, and is the reality of so many people, which is why I chose to help. Which is why we all need to help.

So far I have raised 280$, and I’m lacking another 220$. So if you feel the generous thread in you, please click on the link below to help me in my endeavours. And, help cancer patients get that little extra, and perhaps make their troubles a little less stressful.

Dragonboat, however has been an eye-opener, 20 people rowing all in syncronicity to the beating drum. It’s very exhilarating, and painful. My arms were shaking, my heart was pounding, I was huffing and puffing unable to paddle skillfully, since all I could think was; the PAIN. …99, 100… okay people pick it up, one hundred more….  OH MY GOD!!! And, you wouldn’t think it, but the little wooden seat, for my bony bum, is terrible. I was certain I had broken arms and butt! What can I say; It was great! Unfortunately, it was just the one time, and I’m thinking of joining a professional team, who knows. I have so many projects on the go, it’s tough to find more time. We’ll see how the day of the race goes, and I’ll make my decision then.

I will keep you posted on the day of the race, there is a whole family event surrounding the forty-races of the day. No doubt all the donations will be very humbling, and joyful. I will definitely share, and maybe post pictures.

Talk to you soon… I hope.., my arms might be too sore for typing, eeesh!




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