I’m back from my week long hiatus. We rented a cottage, and I thought I would have time to read, write, swim, blog, but I didn’t. That is not to say I didn’t have fun, or enjoy myself, on the contrary it was a very cool week with my family, and that’s always a plus. However, I did want to catch up on my bucketlist, and part of the week was dedicated to becoming proficient in astronomy. Ouf!!! Star bright, star light, first star I see tonight… never came!  Well, at least not in the telescope point of view. I figured what better place to star gaze than in nature, far away from city light pollution, and alongside the chirping crickets and sonic bats. I made my husband lug my large telescope (not worth the s**t) stand and all, and help me set it up. Anxiously wait for nightfall to whip out my star chart, ready to gaze at Saturn’s rings and be mesmerized and no doubt hooked. Saturn’s rings would have to wait. First, I know how to read a star chart, just not sure how to align the telescope. Whatever! I don’t really want to look at stars anyway, I want a planet… okay, maybe that’s asking too much, let’s just start with the little dipper and one of her stars. POINT AND AIM!!! Right? NOooooo! My God, I spent a good half hour trying to point and aim, those little suckers are hard to see. I finally gave up, not on my bucketlist item, but on the telescope itself, I mean the poor thing wobbled. How am I supposed to exact a precise measurement with a wobble. My husband’s like “we’ll buy one that searches for the planets by itself and hook it onto the computer.” Although very very cool, I find it kind of takes away from me learning how to do it, I guess I’m old school, but I would like to learn how look for planets the old fashion way, you know learn all the nuts and bolts. Anyway, it doesn’t matter because I got to see a star filled sky with two green lenses I call my eyeballs and it was just as great. À la Galileo! August is a known month for the Pleiades, shooting stars, and I intend to check it out. First step towards learning more. Also, I realized I missed nature, something I need to get in touch with. Alas, another topic for another blog. Goodnight, and sweet dreams.



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