So you think you can sing?

Before my ultimate sky diving adventure, I undertook something a little more tame, but just as nerve-racking. Singing!!! And, not just singing, but carrying a tune in public, in front of people. Albeit, friends, and family of all those involved in the concert, but nonetheless it was still fifty or sixty people, which let me tell you, felt like a thousand.

Now, before you wonder what the hell I was thinking. It’s important to know the context. Back in January, back at the embryo stage of my bucket list, I decided that I wanted to take singing lessons for the pleasure of taking singing lessons. Like I said, I could carry a tune, and my entire life I had hidden behind a fake inability to sing. What, you ask yourself? Yes, throughout high school, my music teacher asked several times of me to sing in the school production, but my fear, and stuck up too cool attitude pushed me to pretend I was tone-deaf. I know, not one of my finer moments. It was time to remedy the situation.

So since January I had been practicing my little heart out, polishing my vocal chords for the big night… the night of the concert. You’d think I was Celine Dion the way I’m carrying on, but honestly I had been so nervous, it totally put those Canadian idols in perspective. They really put themselves out there and it is so scary. Alas, I got through it! I did it! As a bonus, I didn’t sound half bad. I enjoyed myself, and decided to keep going. Next show in December.

For now, see for yourself.



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