CRAZY!!!! That sums up everything…. CRRRRRRAAAAZZZY!!!!!

Since yesterday, I’ve been on some weird kind of adrenaline high, combined with fear, and excitement… It’s insane!!! I’m insane for having done this, I’m insane for thinking about doing it again, and I’m even more insane because it scared the bejeezus out of me, and yet I loved every single second of the short, yet seemingly long 55 seconds. READ ON!


Who hasn’t dreamt they were falling, and just before they hit the ground they wake up?  It’s exactly the same , but EXPONENTIAL A THOUSAND.

We’re in the air, ascending our 13500 ft. This is no big deal, “Yeah! Who cares, I’m jumping off a plane in ten minutes, noooo problem! My dad is as calm as though had been born a bird!!! At one point, however, when you start seeing the ground getting smaller and smaller, you wonder “Okay, this is high enough!! Will the $#$@! pilot ever stop?” Trust me he does.

It’s time.

I’m Joe Cool till the very last second, but my nerve starts to fade as we approach the opening. Luckily, I’m attached to the guy behind me.

1-2-3 and we leap into nothingness, and GOOOOOOO!!! Or was it NOOOOOOO!!!

The wind HITS your face, you stop breathing, and my gut reaction, “Quick, grab onto something, anything, the guy behind you!!!  No… wait a minute! What? Smile for the camera? AH, that’s right I’m enjoying this! And, with fear in my eyes I give a grand old thumbs up!!! And, all I can think about is my poor dad, whom I’m positive has died of a heart attack, as I see him plummeting down like a heavy stone to a certain death.

We land, and lo and behold my dad laughing ready to go up again! The moral of this story, there is none, it’s just an awesome experience.

Ps: People with sensitive ears like myself, be prepared to feel like you’re living in a tunnel. My ears are still plugged and it’s going on two days.

So that’s it, my experience in skydiving. For any interested I went to Montréal Parachute. They were great and professional, and some of the guys very cute!

Next blog: Why I started all this blogging, and what’s the objective (counting down the Bucket list), also, and as Gweneth Paltrow calls them… cause we’re tight…FRENEMIES! It’s not always easy to take the high road!


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6 thoughts on “INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE!!!

  1. I was reading it from the Itouch and the pictures weren’t coming up. That looks amazing. So what’s next on your list?

    • Dragonboat my dear. Dragonboat!!! It’s for a charity event. I’ll be talking about it, and the list soon. I’m glad you found a way around China’s censorship. God, you are so lucky, can’t imagine! I really hope I can go visit. We need to talk. When’s the big day?
      K xxx Miss you!

  2. I really, really want to go sky diving, and like yourself, I think the only way I would actually leap from an airplane would be if I were strapped to someone else who’s doing the leaping. Sounds awesome though and I can’t wait to try it!

    • It’s is the most outrageous thing you’ll ever do, in any case it leaves no one indifferent. I encourage you to go for it. My blog is all about putting things in motion, not putting off till tomorrow. When you decide to jump, let me know, I want to know how it went, and how you felt. It’s an awesome experience. Take care. K

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