Where is the guilt?

I was going to write about my jumping experience, which will come, but for now I just want to talk about everyone’s horror on the two no guilty verdict.

Little Caylee Anthony, and and Olivier Turcotte, and his baby sister Anne-Sophie Turcotte.

I do not want to rant about the jury’s decision, I have never been in a jury, and honestly in cases like this I don’t think I’d ever want to be. They did what they what was asked of them. That’s it!

My issue lies with the self-guilt that those two people must live with.  I remember when I was twelve, I stole from Simpson’s , 50$ worth of pen’s, and pencils…Don’t ask I was twelve…gearing up for school. Anyway, I was caught, and brought to the police station, and everything. Let’s just say my mom was beside herself, and so was I. I felt so terrible, so guilty, so awful with myself, that I cried and cried, and cried. I even said to my mom, as punishment that she should not let me go to my summer camp, which I was looking forward to for many months. It would have been a terrible punishment, and honestly well deserved after that stunt.

The point is that I felt guilty, I felt bad! My problem isn’t whether or not she did it, or whether or not he was sane or insane… my point is why would they even want to be free… why do they fear any form of consequence when in either case their was gross gross gross neglect…. insane or not…. children are dead! Your children. I do not want to judge what they did, I cannot exclude myself from future insanity, I mean he was a cardiologist for godsake, the man had a brain, and he lost it. I want to judge now! How is that now he is sane enough to realize he doesn’t want a longer sentence. How can Casey Anthony not want to die, knowing that her baby is gone, and she was out partying.

Buddha once said, look onto everyone as though they could be the next buddha. Buddha? It’s very difficult, very difficult.

Please remember Caylee, Oliver, and Anne-Sophie, this blog is for them. They are in heaven no doubt, and any human trial that their killers face here, will not compare to the trial that waits for them in death. RIP



4 thoughts on “Where is the guilt?

  1. Could not have expressed it any better myself. In my case, it’s a torment beyond words can express. Well said K.

    All I know for sure..it to kiss and hug my children as often as possible.

  2. Here’s my two cents: To harm/kill a child – Unfortunately there can possibly be no or very little guilt: for a psychopath.

    Lack of guilt of psychopaths (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

    Psychopaths lack any true sense of guilt or remorse for harm they may have caused to others. Instead, they rationalize their behavior, blame someone else, or deny it outright.[4] This is seen by psychologists as part of a lack of moral reasoning (in comparison with the majority of humans), an inability to evaluate situations in a moral framework, and an inability to develop emotional bonds with other people.[5]

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